Presentation Web Tools

folio.pngDigital Portfolio
Create a digital portfolio by uploading pictures, documents, and other files to show off work samples.

This web based application allows the user to create a multimedia presentation. The theory behind creating a presentation in the form of a prezi is to allow the viewers to see the structure of how everything fits into the topic. Photos and videos as well as links to other webpages can be included as a part of the prezi. A prezi can be shared through a link to the website.

Projeqt describes itself as "dynamic presentations for a real time world." Use it to create linear and stacked slide presentations for any type of event. Embed images, text, documents, or add data from your favorite social media tools.

Padlet is is site that gives you a blank wall and you can put anything you want on it, anywhere. You can paste link to a YouTube video, drag a word document from your computer, or take a picture from your iPad camera. The site makes it also easy to collaborate because you can see everyone's activity on the wall instantly. There are layouts and backgrounds to chose from and when completed your wall can be embedded on a blog or website.

spicy nodes.pngSpicy Nodes
Spicy Nodes is a concept map presentation tool that allows the users to link and embed pictures, websites, and more into the overall presentation. Easy to use and fun to show, Spicy Nodes is whole new way to present your information.

Animoto is a fun way to create a video in three simple steps. Step 1 is to insert photos and videos. Step 2 is to customize your style by selecting a video style, choosing music, and adding a few words. Step 3 is to share and enjoy by downloading, embedding, or sharing your video via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.